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Integrate Shared Google Calendars With Thunderbird

NOTICE: This blog post is outdated and no longer contains factual data. Google and Thunderbird have updated their software since this post was written. TIP: Look at the Thunderbird Add-On called “Provider for Google Calendar”. It takes care of all … Continue reading

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How To disable WebDAV in IIS 6

IIS 6 does not come with WebDAV enabled, but you can easily look to see if it is on. Connect to the IIS manager. Manager -> Machine -> Web Services Extensions Check the window at right.  If WebDAV is not … Continue reading

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Poor man’s calendar server with iCal and Mozilla

It’s easy to set up a shared calendar system with free software that scales well for a few users (great for a home network) and has tons of support from third parties. What you need: iCal client like Sunbird or … Continue reading

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