Poor man’s calendar server with iCal and Mozilla

It’s easy to set up a shared calendar system with free software that scales well for a few users (great for a home network) and has tons of support from third parties.

What you need:

  • iCal client like Sunbird or Lightning from Mozilla
  • Apache web server with WebDav installed

How to do it:

  1. Install WebDav and password protect a public directory on your web server.
  2. Touch a .ics file for your calendar. I called mine matt.ics
  3. chmod the directory so the web user can create files and modify the .ics file
  4. Install and configure an iCal client that can publish via WebDav. Sunbird is excellent for this.
  5. Remove your local calendar from Sunbird
  6. Add a calendar to Sunbird using the URL to your empty .ics file
  7. Add an event to your calendar. Sunbird should modify the .ics file on your web server. You will probably be prompted for the username and password on the first try.
  8. Add that calendar to as many clients as you want. They can all share the calendar. Create more calendars! Party!
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