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PERL How To Print A List Without A Loop

PERL has a built-in function called join() that will concatenate a list with a given string. The official perldoc states: join EXPR,LIST Joins the separate strings of LIST into a single string with fields separated by the value of EXPR, … Continue reading

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Word Press problem Unknown: Releasing SysV semaphore

If you have WordPress installed you may run in to an error that constantly prints something like this: Warning: Unknown: Releasing SysV semaphore id 58 key 0x152b in request cleanup in Unknown on line 0 This is not an error … Continue reading

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RBLs with Exim4 (debian friendly)

Denying connections based on RBLs is a snap with Exim4. Most confusion is related to ACLs and where the definition sits. The fastest way to deny based on RBL is to add it to whatever ACL you specify in acl_smtp_rcpt … Continue reading

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