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How to update qmail relay rules

D. J. Bernstein’s Qmail, now in the public domain, is a powerful yet clumsy SMTP messaging system. One of the most common problems is updating the rules for allowing SMTP relay, or denying the same. If you qmail-smtpd under tcpserver, … Continue reading

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RBLs with Exim4 (debian friendly)

Denying connections based on RBLs is a snap with Exim4. Most confusion is related to ACLs and where the definition sits. The fastest way to deny based on RBL is to add it to whatever ACL you specify in acl_smtp_rcpt … Continue reading

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SMTP & POP3 Email for Virtual Users on Debian Sarge

How to set up virtual email domains and users with POP access on Debian Sarge Adverts: The Exim SMTP Mail Server Exim: The Mail Transfer Agent The Exim SMTP Mail Server: Official Guide for Release 4

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