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LVM Breaks When Upgrading Debian Etch to Lenny 4.x to 5.0

Using the standard upgrade proceedures, Debian Etch + LVM will fail to upgrade to Debian Lenny gracefully.  This is due to the kernel modules and is simple to avoid. Before changing apt sources (They should be etch) apt-get update apt-get … Continue reading

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Debian Key Signing Bug: NO_PUBKEY

There appears to be a bug in Debian’s key signing system. Depending on your apt sources you may run in to packages signed by a key that Debian doesn’t like. Annoyingly, these are Debian-signed packages, but unless you want to … Continue reading

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Debian-based machines and the (initramfs) prompt

There are a million pages devoted to initramfs so I won’t go in to what it is, but if you have a Dell 1655 or other machine with serial-attached-SCSI and use Debian or a Debian-derived Linux distribution such as Ubuntu … Continue reading

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