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HOWTO Build and Install Mcrouter for RHEL, OL, CENTOS 7.x

How to build, package, and install mcrouter on Linux Continue reading

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HOW TO Install mcrypt for PHP on RedHat Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 6

This tutorial shows you how to install libmcrypt and the companion PHP module under RedHat Linux 6 and Oracle Linux 6. By default, RHEL and OL do not provide mcrypt or libmcrypt packages for the 6.x release. Subsequently, they don’t … Continue reading

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Updating RedHat 9

Simply: You can’t. up2date will not run and RedHat does not provide updated packages. In 2003 RedHat switched from RedHat9 to Fedora. If you have an old RedHat box, you will have to migrate to Fedora. If it is really … Continue reading

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