HOWTO: Create a random alpha-numeric string in Python

Creating an alpha-numeric string in python is easy, but having a quick function you can call or import as a module is better!

This is very useful for things like password generators.

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def makeID(makeIDchars=6):
    import random, string
    def join(a,b): return a+b[int(random.randrange(len(b)))]
    makeIDpool = string.letters[0:52] + string.digits
    return ''.join(map((lambda y: join(x, makeIDpool)), range(makeIDchars)))

To call it, just set a variable equal to the return value. You can optionally pass a length to get a longer or shorter string.


This code sample:

print makeID()
print makeID(10)
print makeID(20)
print makeID(1)

Will print something like this:

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