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HOWTO: Create a random alpha-numeric string in PHP

Creating an alpha-numeric string in PHP is easy, but having a quick function you can call is better! This is very useful for things like password generators. To see how to do this in Python, check out this post: …howto-create-a-random-alpha-numeric-string-in-python … Continue reading

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Quick Character Escaping in PHP

When writing PHP web apps, I tend to run in to a portability issue when dealing with SQL connectivity. Since I can’t count on having the PEAR DB module available, I rolled my own set of functions to interact with … Continue reading

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Stop spam-bots in PHPBB 2.x. Cheap, easy BOT stopper

WARNING!  As of this writing, this information pertains to the 2.x branch of phpBB.  I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest phpBB.  As of April 28, 2009 that version is 3.0.4.  Please see NOTICE: I have an updated … Continue reading

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