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HOW TO Flush The Linux File Cache

You can’t prevent Linux from using the file cache and you don’t want to. However, on occasion you may want to flush it. Here’s how: First, flush your filesystems to disk. Just run the command sync Then, echo 1, 2 … Continue reading

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HOW TO Extract the contents of a .scexe file

HP Releases self-extracting firmware update files for Linux as .scexe files. These files usually contain an installer and a bunch of XML controlls. A -h flag provides a couple options for running the installer, but sometimes you don’t want to … Continue reading

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Read a Changelog From an RPM File

The internet is full of tips on how to read the changelog from an RPM package you have installed. How do you read the changelog from a .rpm file before you install it? The answer is amazingly simple: rpm -q … Continue reading

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