A Robert E. McElwaine Archive

       UN-altered REPRODUCTION and DISSEMINATION of this 
			   Robert E. McElwaine
			   B.S., Physics and Astronomy, UW-EC
			   2nd Initiate in Eckankar


PopMartian.com would like to give shouts to Ken Alexander (umich.edu) for providing PopMartian.com with a comprehensive collection of Robert E. McElwaine's writings and rantings up to 1998, after which Robert E. McElwaine faded away and was not seen on the internet for a number of years.

Early in 2002, Robert E. McElwaine found our archive and contacted us with a few of his recent articles. All his newer writings are listed under "Updates since 2003" including a section of "30-plus" writings Robert kept separate from his main articles. Only he knows why they are not included with the others, though they may be rehashes of old writings.

On February 12, 2008 Robert E. McElwaine died in his home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He was 59 years old. You can see read his most recent writings here along with his brief obituary.

UseNet Background

Skip this section if you just want to read the posts.
Along with Serdar Argic, Robert E. McElwaine became one of the most
famous Net.Legends during his tenure on Usenet, generating enough fame and
interest to rate a FAQ and his own newsgroup, alt.fan.robert.mcelwaine.
Originally appearing on the science groups such as sci.physics and 
sci.astro, and eventually posting to almost every newsgroup in existence, 
McElwaine would post long messages about a number of subjects on a regular 
monthly or semi-monthly schedule.  These posts were almost always the same, 
with no changes made from the previous editions, and he *never* cross-
posted, making it impossible for most newsreader programs to realize that 
the message had already been read.

Robert's messages were famous for RANDOM capitalization, and were ended by
the sentence: 

       this IMPORTANT information is ENCOURAGED".  

He finally wore-out his welcome at Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) in April of
1993 and lost his newsfeed.

In March of 2002, after five years of not hearing anything from him,
Popmartian.com started recieving fresh articles from Robert himself.
In the interest of preserving and archiving his work, we have added a
section below with his latest work.

Below the archive is a list of resources.  If you have anything to add or
correct, please let us know!

For those of you interested in researching JUMBO COSMOSPHERES and other
interesting neglected historical information, a complete collection of Dr.
Beter's audio letters is available from etext.archive.umich.edu in the
pub/Politics/Conspiracy/Beter.Audio.Letters directory.  
If you would like to see some original McElwaine posts, use anonymous 
FTP to access ftp.std.com and look in the pub/alt.religion.kibology/
net-wackiness/mcelwaine directory.


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